Norms applicable to observers

The principal investigator in the projects requesting observation time allocation at CASLEO will be responsible for the professionals who conduct the observations. Any professional coming to observe who is not an employee of a national academic institution must submit a health insurance certificate before the start of the observation period.

Departure and arrival schedules for trips to and from the mountain facilities will be arranged in accordance with CASLEO's operational needs. As a general rule, and in particular on days of personnel rotation, departure time from the city of San Juan is before 8:00 a.m. and arrival back in the city is after 6:30 p.m.. We request that these schedules are taken into account when arranging your trip from your place of origin and the city of San Juan or viceversa.

Visit of Ph.D. students

Ph.D. students are not required to pay any fees whenever the observation time requested is to be used for the purpose of their thesis. It is expected that the Ph.D. student acquires his/her own observations, but in extreme cases it could be accepted that the Ph.D. director takes them or they present a request for service observing.

Please take into account the regulations which are listed in the Addenda to the minutes of Meeting 74 of the Scientific Committee.

Visit of under-graduate students

Under-graduate students must submit a letter from the authorities in their Academic Unit granting institutional authorization for the trip and certifying that the students are covered by civil liability insurance in case of accidents (Record 65 and 51 CC).

Under-graduate students using observation time for the first time must be accompanied by a professional who has prior observational experience (minutes of meetings 65, CC).

Professors teaching in astronomy programs within Argentine universities may bring a maximum of 2 (two) students to their observing time sessions. Duly justified participation of a larger number of students must be previously authorized by CASLEO's director (minutes of meeting 51, CC).

Accompanying students of Argentine universities will pay 50% of the fee established by CONICET for professional astronomers (minutes of meeting 62, CC). Students of Argentine universities visiting the facilities to gather data for their final under-graduate dissertation are exempted from payment of such fee, provided that this condition is specified in the scientific justification presented, and provided that the student in question is included within the research team at the time of applying for observing time. In this case, only one student per commission can attend.

These conditions are also applicable to professors who wish to send their students to our facilities during staff time to learn about the use of the equipment. Prior to the trip, the professors must confirm availability of accommodation and must ensure that the time assigned is actually to be used for astronomical observation.

CASLEO Operating Agreement

Minutes of the Representatives Committee Meetings

Members of the Scientific Committee

  • Dr. Javier Ahumada (UNC).
  • Dra. Ileana Andruchow (UNLP).
  • Dra. Andrea Buccino (CONICET).
  • Dr. Edgard Giorgi (UNLP).
  • Dr. Mario Melita (CONICET).
  • Dra. Natalia Nuñez (UNSJ) -Chair-.
  • Dra. Celeste Parisi (UNC).
  • Dra. María Eugenia Veramendi Pont (UNSJ).
  • Ing. José Luis Giuliani (SAT - CASLEO).
  • Ing. José Luis Aballay (SAT - CASLEO).

Minutes of the Scientific Committee Meetings